13 Facts About Cats

13 Facts About Cats

Cats are mesmerizing creatures that exude some unusual vibes. No wonder, they are known for their mysterious personalities and beautiful features. Their adorable looks, unconventional habits, and astonishing aura surely make them a noteworthy creature. Cats have captured millions of hearts with their purr and dotting eyes. Almost everyone in life has either owned a cat or want to own a cat. However, there is so much more to these felines than just their attractive features and curious personality. There are some facts associated with cats that are strange yet sweet. We live in oblivion that we know everything about the cats. However, there are some facts about cats that will just blow your mind. From their habits to their nutrition, every cat lover must know these facts.

Therefore, we bring you 13 amazing facts about cats that will help you understand your cat better. Here we go!

1)Purr has a lot of different meanings:

While you must be thinking that your cat wants to convey how happy or content she or he is when purring. However, it has a lot of different meanings. There is another explanation for purring. It can mean that the cat might be frightened, hungry, or injured. Yes, you must pay attention to your cat when she is purring because she might be conversing with you about something more important than you think. Also, these purrs work as a self-soothing device for cats. They try to calm themselves through purr when they are in a stressful situation.

2)Cats give themselves time to groom: 

Yes, that’s right. Cats spend good five hours a day for their primping and prepping. Experts have claimed that cats spend five hours on average to clean and groom themselves. Researchers have claimed that cats also groom to keep themselves cool. This dedicated grooming helps cats to control their temperature. Therefore, licking works as a cooling system with their saliva helping them to chill. Now you know why they always look phenomenal.

3)Cats are sleepyheads:  

Cats spend most of their lifetime sleeping. Yea we are jealous too. However, on the serious note cats dedicate 70% of their life to sleeping. Nevertheless, there are four things that cats enjoy the most. They sleep, eat, run, and play. However, out of these four, they enjoy sleeping the most. It is also because they require a lot of energy in the wild to hunt and this is why they are frequent sleepers to gain energy.

4)Cats can hunt in the darkness:

This unique ability of cats hunting in the darkness makes them stand out from other creatures. The presence of a reflective layer known as tapetum lucidum that is present on the back of a cat’s eye helps them see even in the darkness. This layer collects all the light, enhances it, and reflects it out of the retina that allows them to process images accurately even in the darkness. This ability makes them such great hunters and allows them to stay one step ahead of predators too.

5)You and your cat think almost the same:

Did you know your cat’s brain is also composed of grey and white matter? Yes, that’s why you and the cat have similar thinking patterns and tend to behave in the same way in some situations. Not only this, but cats also have long-term and short-term memory.

6)Cats enjoy the sun:

Your cats love sunshine. This is why she never wants to return home from the beach. Since the ancestors of cats were desert-living animals. This is why cats tend to enjoy the sun.

7)Cats make you their territory:

Cats usually rub against people or objects, leave their scent behind, and mark their territory. This is their way of telling other cats to back off. That’s right! None can really mess with these felines. On the contrary, researches have not really figured out why cats like to knead. However, there is one explanation that really got everyone’s attention is that your cat is trying to mark their "territory" and that is you. Cats have scent glands in their paws through which they make you their territory.  Also, kittens knead their mother’s belly to stimulate milk production, they carry this behaviour into adulthood. This is a phenomenon known as "neotenic behaviour."

8)Many cats cannot tolerate milk:

Yes, you heard it right. All this while you might be thinking that cats love milk unless you own one. However, the truth is many cats are lactose intolerant. Their bodies are not programmed to digest milk. However, you can still fulfil her daily nourishment. Get healthy snacks for cats at Nibbs Club and see her happy purring even more. Our healthy cat treats provide cats with their required nutrients with good taste.

9)Cats need plenty of water:

It is indispensable for cats to have a water-rich diet since they do not have a strong thirst drive. Lack of water in cats can lead to several problems such as urethral obstructions, bladder diseases, kidney failure, and more. Therefore, cats should be given water with their diet.

10)Raw fish is a bad idea for cats:

Raw fish is bad for them as per the research reports surfacing. Raw fish not maintained at the right temperature contains bacteria that are harmful to cats. It can further cause food poisoning. The presence of an enzyme in raw fish destroys thiamine, an essential B vitamin for cats. Lack of thiamine can cause neurological problems in cats. Nevertheless, we strive to give a nutritional balanced healthy diet for cats since we offer different delicacies in healthy cat treats. Order some scrumptious healthy snacks for cats and see them purring for more.

11)Need for fatty acids in cats:

Cats require a food source that provides fatty acids namely linoleic acid and arachidonic acid. Poultry is one food source from which cats acquire their fatty acids. Other than this, we provide healthy snacks for cats that fulfil all their nutritional needs.

12)Homemade diets:

Cats love homemade foods. However, some nutrients may be missed in the homemade diets. Fret not! Nibbs club is here to rescue you. We have a knack for cooking treats that are enriched with nutrients needed for cats. We provide food that is filled with protein and love.

13)Cats require taurine: 

Many cats suffered from heart failure and went blind in the past due to the deficiency of taurine in them. It was discovered that taurine is an essential amino acid for cats and is found in meat and fish. We especially pay attention to this and offer food for cats that have taurine in them. We love cats and we certainly want them to be healthy cats.

Now you feel that you know your cat better. We bet you do! The same way we understand your pet’s nutrition needs. Take good care of your healthy cats with yummy healthy cat treats and food. It feels great to see cats growing and enjoying. They certainly become a dose of happiness for us. To keep them active and nourished, ensure you treat them with food that is filled with nutrients. We are a one-stop solution to help you provide your cat treat that is protein enriched. Shower your love on your healthy cats with Nibbs club. 

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