About Us

Who We Are 

Nibbs Club is a pet food and treat business at the forefront of pet health and nutrition. Our mission is to ensure that the food that our dogs and cats eat is actually serving them. A diet of quality, whole ingredients can make a difference in years of life for our fur babies. Studies have proven that diet is a determining factor in their overall quality of health during older years as well. In an industry obsessed with cutting costs by adding byproducts and highly processed filler ingredients into our pet’s food, we are determined to change the tide. Our team of dedicated pet health experts, nutritionists and scientists work hard to guarantee integrity in every bite. 

Why We Are 

Nibbs Club began when our founder, Amy Huynh, was troubleshooting her dog’s illness. Her dog was experiencing gastrointestinal issues and every test at the vet was coming back negative. She had to track down the source and figured out through a process of elimination and reintroduction that her dog was getting sick from bad food and treats. When she started to take a closer look at the ingredients of the foods she was feeding him, she was appalled. 

“Like many dog owners, I did not understand how over-processed and unhealthy dog food and treats are. Taking a closer look led me to start experimenting with recipes and cooking at home for my sick pup. That was the birth of Nibbs Club.” 

Originating with those homemade recipes, we became passionate about making that level of quality available to all pet parents. Nibbs Club is focused on making home-cooked, whole-ingredient nutrition accessible and easy for you. 

Your pet’s diet is one of the largest factors determining their health and quality of life, alongside exercise and genetics. As pet parents, we’re in control of our pet’s diet and their exercise levels (mostly for dogs). Those are the two tangible ways that you can change your pet’s quality of life and we’re here to support you as you support them. If you’re a pet parent who cooks homemade meals for your pets, grab our whole-ingredient treats and foods for snack time or when you don’t feel like cooking. If you’re a pet parent who’s buying dry kibble, grab our whole-ingredient treats and foods to give a nutritional boost to their diets and ensure they’re getting essential ingredients. 

Every bite counts.


Our Founder and CEO Amy with her dog Max