Obesity In Cats

Although it is nice to think our cats have nine lives, we don't have an unlimited amount of time with our furry best friends. The best we can do is extend and increase the quality of time with their only life with us. The extension of that life is through their health and well being. Obesity is the most common nutritional disease in cats.

The disease is prevalent as overfeeding is a common feeding mistake. Overfeeding is not intentional, but rather a side effect of their sedentary life. Previously in the wild, cats had a more active life and needed the additional calories to fuel their hunt. As they have transitioned into a life of lounging around the house, their caloric need should match up with their output. The caloric intake and output are not balanced and has lead to the rise in obesity in modern day cats.

Popular Health Insurance and Wellness Plans for Dogs, Cats, and Other Pets

As if navigating nutrition for healthy pet food and snacks is not tricky enough, pet parents also have the weight of unforeseen events. In case the four-legged member of the family gets in an accident, swallows something they should not have or develops a mysterious illness, how do we ensure that our love bugs will get the best care without breaking the bank? Nibbs Club has compiled a list of popular pet insurance and memberships to give you an overview of options. Read along to learn more about the gambit of plans and the estimates we gathered. Insurance plans and memberships were included in this overview in case parents are interested in a health membership rather than a plan.

Pet Parents Returning to Work

The pandemic was and still is globally uncertain times. However, for pets, they enjoyed quarantine with unlimited attention from their parents. For the many pets adopted during quarantine, they do not know life with their parents physically at work from 9am-5pm. During lockdown, a workday includes many outdoor strolls and bathroom breaks for dogs. Frequent back scratches, belly rubs, and healthy dog and cat treats were given between zoom and excel spreadsheets.

But as quarantine is lifting and life as we know it is regaining normalcy. This means that many pet parents will need to get out of pajamas and go into work for at least a few days a week. Here are some ideas to help you prepare and what you can do to curb your dog and cat’s separation anxiety.

What Are Ticks and What To Do About Them

The summer months are fun times to take your dogs hiking and outdoors. Although flees and ticks pose a problem for pets all year, however your pet is more susceptible during the warmer summer months to get flees and ticks. These pests can infect your dog as early as March and predominate through September in certain warm climates. Tick season can extend longer in warmer areas.

Why Dehydration Is Dangerous for Cats

Cats from their origin are not particularly good drinkers. Thus, they are primarily subject to dehydration. It occurs mainly when your cat loses the required water and electrolytes from its body for proper bodily function. Loss of water between five to ten percent is considered moderate, while over ten percent is estimated severe.

Dehydration is fatal and requires immediate rectification of the condition through proper veterinary treatment. It may occur simply from inadequate access to water, but it could also be a symptom of a larger problem building in the cat's body. Let's learn more about dehydration in cats and how to recognize the signs.

Positive Mental Health Effects of Pets

The strongest relation between humans and animals has been experienced for over centuries now. The positive correlation between pets and mental health is undeniable. No matter how old you are, you will always find joy living with your pets. Thus, it signifies that both pets and mental health go hand in hand. They provide companionship and ease loneliness. Furthermore, service animals bring about joy and unconditional love to all. Here are a few ways caring for an animal can help relieve anxiety and depression and lowers stress levels.

Why Is My Dog Vomiting and What To Do?

Have you been through days when your canine friend throws up? Can you recall a time when your dog vomited got you worried? Do not worry. It is common for dogs to puke. Overeating and unhealthy human food are some of the reasons that cause dogs to vomit. However, as a pet parent, you must not ignore the signs of acute vomiting in dogs that can lead to serious health issues that require medical attention. We bring you an essential guide to help you understand your dog’s health so that you can investigate and get the vet’s suggestions when needed. Learn more about the causes of vomiting in dogs and home remedies to relieve dog vomit.

What Does My Dog's Poop Say About His or Her Health?

Having a dog means regular scooping of poop. It is important to pick up your dog poop from in and around your surroundings. It is not just essential for the cleaning purpose, but its color, consistency, and smell also indicates your dog's health. Dog poop provides a lot of information about what is going on in its body. Thus, it is vital to examine it while picking it up. Understanding your dog's health can help prevent many health issues that might come your pets way. Here is a little chart prepared by the experts to help you understand what your dog's poop is telling you. So without further ado, let's get into the article below.

13 Facts About Cats | Nibbs Club

Cats are mesmerizing creatures that exude some unusual vibes. No wonder, they are known for their mysterious personalities and beautiful features. Their adorable looks, unconventional habits, and astonishing aura surely make them a noteworthy creature. Cats have captured millions of hearts with their purr and dotting eyes. Almost everyone in life has either owned a cat or want to own a cat. However, there is so much more to these felines than just their attractive features and curious personality. There are some facts associated with cats that are strange yet sweet. We live in oblivion that we know everything about the cats. However, there are some facts about cats that will just blow your mind. From their habits to their nutrition, every cat lover must know these facts.

Therefore, we bring you 13 amazing facts about cats that will help you understand your cat better. Here we go!

Nibbs Club Healthy Dog and Cat Treats

5 Benefits of Fish for Cats and Dogs

Nibbsclub brings you the wholesome goodness of fish in healthy snacks for your dogs and cats. The benefits of fish treats can be found in their nutrition value and more. It is important for us to not only provide nutritious healthy dog and cat treats but also food that is scrumptious and yummy so that they just come right back at you smelling that tasty food. Fish has innumerable health benefits not only for humans but also for cats and dogs. Fish enhances the overall well-being of canines and felines. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in abundance in Salmon and Tuna fish and their benefits are humongous. Keeping in mind the imperativeness of the immune system in pets, we make fish dog treat and fish cat treat which is enriched with protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D.

Nibbs Club Healthy Dog and Cat Treat

13 Facts to Know About Dogs

It is always a paw-fect moment when we are surrounded by our loyal furballs. Yes, they are our loyal companions, friends, and favorites. The feeling of having dogs around cannot be described in mere words. Dogs instantly become our family and so much so that they literally cheer us up when we are sad or angry. They lift our mood in just seconds. It is just like they know some kind of magic that really works on everyone. Dogs certainly fill our lives with joy and happiness. Life without dogs is difficult to imagine. They make us forget about our worries and lowers the stress. Yes, this is one of the amazing facts about dogs that you might not be aware of. However, there is not just one fact about dogs.

Nibbs Club Healthy Dog and Cat Treats

Advantages and Disadvantages to Having A Dog or Cat

When thinking about getting a pet, it is important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of adding a member to the family. Each household or individual has circumstances that need to be taken into consideration. Here are our top advantages and disadvantages to having a dog or cat in your family.


10 Things to Know About A Healthy Dog Diet

A popular question among pet owners is “What diets are healthy for my dog?”

There are several diets, and good quality dog treats available out there, all formulated based on medical needs, size, breed, energy levels and age. Determining which is best for the overall well-being of your four-legged pet can be sometimes herculean. Some dog owners opt for dry food because it's easy to store and less smelly, while others choose wet food to conceal dog medications and improve hydration.

5 Ways How To Train Your Dog To Walk On a Leash Without Pulling

Dogs inherently walk faster than humans and will want to stray from the side of the owner because of the interesting smells, sounds, and sheer excitement of the environment. But dog parents don’t want every walk to become a game of tug-of-war. The pulling game makes walks stressful, tiresome, and less desirable for every member of the family. You want a nice loose leash with slack and no tension from their pull. Let’s learn 5 ways to train your dog to walk on a leash without pulling.

4 Last Minute DIY Costumes for Dogs

Enjoying the holidays with the family and creating memories is what it is all about. There is no need to buy an elaborate costume for your four-legged best friend when it is more fun to make the costume. Here are our 4 last minute DIY Halloween costumes for dogs.

About Nibbs Club Dog and Cat Treat  Start and  Future

About Us

Nibbs Club had a far from glamorous start. It was late one night, and I had just finished cleaning my pup’s diarrhea and vomit. A few days before, I took him to the veterinarian, and they ran a battery of tests. They all came back negative. Through a process of elimination and reintroduction, I realized that night that he was getting sick from bad food and treats. That was when I realized I was not even feeding my pup food made in the United States.

When To Give Healthy High Fat Treats to Your Dog

Most of us dog parents feel satisfied when we can bring joy to our pup in the form of a nibble of treat. But what are healthy options and how do we discern which is good for our pet. As obesity rises in the American population, so does weight gain in our canine partners. The leading cause of overweight dogs is attributed to over feeding, not enough exercise, too many snacks and treats, and underlying health problems. Once we understand what we are feeding our pets, we can control the weight and contribute to the health of man’s best friend.

Nibbs Club's feature in VoyageLA

See Nibbs Club's feature in VoyageLA to learn more about the journey!

10 Tips for Beginner's Guide to Dog Food and Treats - Diet and Nutrition

10 Tips for A Beginner’s Guide to Dog Food and Treats – Diet and Nutrition

Some of us are new dog owners and some have had several fur babies. None the less, it is difficult for us to choose and know what is best on the market for our dogs. The selection is vast and the trends have huge followings. We have gathered information from veterinarians and experts in our efforts to be better dog parents.

Nibbs Club Puppy Potty and Kitter Litter Training

Puppy Potty Training and Kitty Litter Training

Potty training your puppy and kitty litter training doesn't have to be a painstaking process. More than often, staining and soiling the home leads many dogs and cats to being sheltered. The lack of thorough training has translated to disobedience. The stress of house-training is disappointing for parents and their pets. The best way to set you and your pet up for a happy life together is to have all your tools and techniques ready for success.

3 Things to Know About Low Fat Dog Treats and Nibbs Club's Meatball Dog Treats

3 Things to Know About Low Fat Dog Treats

Many of us hooman family members might wonder why it is important for our pups to have low fat dog treats? Are pet parents excessive for counting the calories of their pups and not letting them live their best life? And some parents might ask what’s wrong with a pudgy puppy? Learn about the importance of healthy snacks for your dogs.

You Buy and We Donate

Shelters and rescues are overwhelmed with animals that have constant needs. For every bag of treats you purchase, we will donate a bag of treats to a shelter or rescue. Let's help the animals and the organizations that care for them!

Vegan Dog Treat Launch!

Why is Nibbs Club integrating these fruits and vegetables into our dog treats? These ingredients will provide the necessary plant-based vitamins and minerals. Feeding your dog broccoli, sweet potato, lentils, and apples as a treat not only tastes great, but is loaded with nutritional value. In moderation, the fruits and vegetables will enhance your dog’s journey towards health.

5 Essentials For Pet First Aid Kit

As an owner of a dog, cat or any pet, it is important to have a few items in case of a pet emergency. Consider these supplies when making your checklist at home.

How to Get Your Dog to Take His/Her Medication - Pill Pocket Dog Treat

From getting them to take their supplements to treating a condition, it can be a battle to get your dog to take their medication. We have tried numerous tricks to lure them to swallow their pills. The one trick that they haven't managed to outsmart is the pill pocket dog treat. Stuffing the medication in a dog treat tempts their canine senses.

5 Tips for a New Cat Owner

Maybe you have never owned a pet or just want to keep learning so you can be a better cat mommy or daddy. It is a big responsibility but one you can wear with honor. These 5 tips for cat care can help you to a new start.

Socializing Pets and Children

Researchers say that it is important for the mental and physical development of children and pets to be socialized with one another. Why and how do we go about socializing pets and children?

How To Find Pet Friendly Apartments

Finding apartments that are pet friendly are a tall order for pet owners. Not only are you looking to meet your needs, but there’s a checklist of questions for your furry friends. Here are some important factors to consider when apartment hunting with a pet.

Becoming a Dog Parent - Puppy Adventures with Vera

If you’re like me, you’re winging it with your first dog. Sure, you research when you need to, but otherwise you’re relying on a gallimaufry of guesses, hunches, half-recalled pieces of bad advice, theories gleaned from TV, scraps of overheard conversations, and, of course, expectations.

What is Catnip and What You Should Know

I grew up with many dogs and constantly asked my parents to foster any dog I found until we got them forever homes. My exposure to cats were limited to those I saw at the shelters. This all changed as I was given the honor of cat sitting when my friend left for Christmas vacation for a few weeks. I had to learn the basics of cat care fast to ensure that my friend would return to a happy home. I tried several cat toys and treats and finally came across catnip.  

Basic First Aid For Pets

Basic first aid procedures is not a substitute for veterinary care. However, it can save your pet’s life before you get to a veterinarian.

5 Things To Remember About Petcare During Winter - Wintertips

As the winter months are upon us, it is important to consider a few tips to keep our pets warm and healthy. Whether they have short or long hair, the lower temperature could put them at risk for frostbite or hypothermia.

The Super Dog Ingredient - Coconut

A little of this key ingredient goes a long way. Coconut juice, meat, and oil is proving to boost the digestive, immune, and metabolic system of your dog. We at Nibbs Club, try to incorporate this rich ingredient into our healthy dog treats.

5 Ways To Keep Your Pet Cool During The Summer

Summer, kids and adults alike all bask in the sunshine and frolic the beaches during this liberating season. But our pets at home experience summer differently. Although their life of naps and meal breaks seem luxurious, they fail to tell you how excruciating the heat is.

Nibbs Club has consulted experts and put together a few simple things to help you keep your pet cool during the summer!


Easy 3 Ingredient Dog Treat Recipes To Make At Home For Your Dog – Homemade Pupsicles For Summer

Summer days are filled with picnics, beach trips, vacations, and refillable cold beverages. But the heat of the summer months are also inflicted with blaring temperatures and coasting indoors in an AC environment. Mid-day hours during heat waves could be miserable.

It is even more taxing on our pets who cannot express their discomfort. Keep your pets in the shade and in a cool environment are a few of the easy tactics for your dog to chillout. We have some fun and easy recipes you can throw together at home for your pet to keep them relaxed during the hot summer. These homemade dog treat popsicles do not require anything fancy and can be whipped up within minutes.

3 Things to Know About Grain-Free Dog/Cat Food and Treats


Pet food is catering to the many types of owners' vetted diets. You can find sections of vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and to the ever popular grain-free selections of food and treats. Owners are taking an assertive stand to provide their best friends with the best nutritional value. But what are the pet food claims to grain-free and if dog owners need to be weary about this ingredient sneaking into their dog's diet?