13 Facts About Dogs

13 Facts About Dogs

It is always a paw-fect moment when we are surrounded by our loyal furballs. Yes, they are our loyal companions, friends, and favorites. The feeling of having dogs around cannot be described in mere words. Dogs instantly become our family and so much so that they literally cheer us up when we are sad or angry. They lift our mood in just seconds. It is just like they know some kind of magic that really works on everyone. Dogs certainly fill our lives with joy and happiness. Life without dogs is difficult to imagine. They make us forget about our worries and lowers the stress. Yes, this is one of the amazing facts about dogs that you might not be aware of. However, there is not just one fact about dogs.

There are many stunning facts about dogs. Just as your dog says wow in his language when you serve him healthy dog treats. The information about the dogs will help us get to know them better so that we can make them happier and active. Also, in case you are planning to adopt or buy a dog, you should be aware of some of the amazing qualities that dogs possess.

Let us show you 13 amazing facts about dogs that will just blow your mind.

13 Surprising Facts about Dogs:

1)Dog's Nose Print:

Next time you pat your dog, hold him close, and scrutinize his nose. You would notice an uncanny similarity about their nose that you might have ignored in all these years. Dog’s nose has a print that is similar to human fingerprints. Yes, check out your dog’s nose now. Not only do dogs have nose prints but also their noses are wet to help them understand the smell. Their nose secretes mucus which they lick so that they can absorb scent chemicals to understand different types of smell.

You can experiment with this fact with your dog. Treat him with high-quality dog treats and see him go sniff and gulp the entire bowl full of healthy dog snacks or food.

2)Black Tongue:

You were thinking that all dogs have pink tongues. No, not all dogs have pink tongues. Some dogs have black tongues as well. It is only Chow Chows and Sharpies that have fully black tongues. The reason behind their black tongues is still not explicit, however, the research is on to identify the reasons behind having black tongues. In fact, Chow Chows are born with pink tongues but they transform into blue-black tongues at 8 to 10 weeks.  

3)Newfoundland Make Great Lifeguards:

There is something special about this breed. The breed known as Newfoundland make great lifeguards. Due to the presence of water-resistant coats and webbed feet, Newfoundland are trained to be water rescue dogs. Their webbed feet also make them great swimmers. What’s more interesting about this breed is that they are excellent family dogs too because of their kind demeanor.

4) High Detection Power: 

It is said that dogs can simply detect cancer and other diseases such as epileptic seizures in humans by smelling their breath. Dogs can sniff the metabolic waste released by cancerous cells due to which it becomes easier for the dogs to find out cancer or other diseases in humans. Dogs, at times, are also trained for this because of their high detection power to identify cancer and other human diseases.


Obesity is found to be the biggest health problem in dogs which further invites other health issues in dogs. It has been observed that most dogs face obesity as their major health issue. It is becoming a topic of concern as obesity leads to other health issues in dogs. Therefore, it becomes of the utmost importance to treat dogs with healthy dog snacks that are not only beneficial and nourishing but are also scrumptious. Follow Nibbsclub to get nutritious healthy treats for your dog and provide them healthy treat options to nourish growth. Our turkey meatball and fish ball dog treat varieties are low in calorie and high in protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids and a healthy treat choice.

6)Dogs Do Not Sweat:

Have you ever noticed your dog sweating? No? It is because dogs do not sweat at all. Instead, they take quick breaths to cool themselves. They pant and they cool. This is one reason you can see your dog panting during the summer season and cooling themselves on their own.

7)Basenji does not Bark: 

All this while if you were thinking that all dogs bark then you are wrong. Yes, you heard it right!  There is one stunning breed that does not bark at all. Basenji is a breed of American wolf dogs that do not bark. However, it does not mean that they do not talk. They are very much vocal. Nevertheless, they choose to yodel, whine, or scream in order to put their thoughts and feelings across. But they never bark.

8)Say No to Chocolate: 

Never give your dog chocolates. We know you want your dog to eat what you like and especially when it comes to chocolates, you think they will not be able to resist them as you cannot. However, chocolates can be deadly for them. Theobromine is an ingredient in chocolate that they cannot metabolize and hence can be fatal for them. It is difficult for dogs to digest products made with theobromine, which could severely be toxic in their system. Whenever you are eating chocolate, just eat yourself. It is not good for your dog.

In case, you are looking for some amazing alternative for chocolate, then go for some high-quality dog treats. Try some of our healthy dog snacks which are perfect for your paw-legged friends. They are healthy and yummy.

9)Born Deaf:

It is interesting to see that all puppies are born deaf. However, as they age, their hearing power intensifies and they can hear four times better than humans can. Dogs can easily recognize if someone they know or don’t know or any other street dog barges into the street and starts barking. It is due to their hearing power which is enhanced as they grow that they are able to hear dogs on other streets as well.

10)Dogs have Feelings:

We all know how affectionate these dogs are. But you may not know that they do get jealous when you shower your love on other dogs. They have feelings and they do get mad at you for showing affection to other dogs. Isn’t it cute?

What’s more interesting is that dogs can smell your feelings. Rather, a dog’s sense of smell is 100,000 times better than humans. Therefore, it is not so surprising that they can smell things such as fear. When a human is fearful of something, a dog reacts, sweats, and is easily able to pick up on this change.


Dogs are omnivores, i.e., they eat grains, vegetables, and meat. Their nutrition resources are both plants and animals. However, if you are also looking for some treat options that are healthy and strengthening, give your dogs our nutritive healthy dog treats. Experiment with different dishes and provide your dog wholesome goodness of palatable food.

12)Heat Sensors:

Newborn puppies can identify their moms even when their eyes are closed. It is due to the availability of heat sensors in their nose. These heat sensors help them find their moms even if their eyes and ears are closed. How fascinating is this? 

13)Three Eyelids: 

Did you know dogs have three eyelids? Yes, it is true. Next time you see your dog or any other dog, notice three eyelids on them. However, one eyelid is used in order to keep their eyes protected and slightly wet.

Did all these facts surprise you about your favorite four-legged friend? These fun facts help us learn about our best friend. However, now is the time for you to know that these lovely creatures require healthy foods as well for their growth and nourishment? How about you surprise these lovely canines with some healthy dog treats today. Showcase your love to your dog with high-quality dog treats that are wholesome, sustaining, and delicious. Notice the tail wagging of your dog when you offer these healthy dog snacks to your dog. Fill their tummy with yummy food.

Pat, play and provide dogs some healthy dog snacks as they surely deserve all the love in the world. We are sure that these mind-blowing facts about dogs motivated you to spend quality time with your pet and help you provide these dogs with some amazing food so that they are more active, happy, and healthier than before. If you are looking for healthy and nutritious treats for your dogs, Nibbsclub is the best place. 


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