3 Things to Know About Low Fat Dog Treats

3 Things to Know About Low Fat Dog Treats

1. Why is it important to have low fat dog treats or food?

Many of us hooman family members might wonder why it is important for our pups to have low fat dog treats? Are pet parents excessive for counting the calories of their pups and not letting them live their best life? And some parents might ask what’s wrong with a pudgy puppy?

As many dog parents know, what you feed your pets translates to how many great years you will get with them.  This means it is all that much more important to provide your pup with a balanced diet.  In creating an important diet for your dogs, it is vital to look at the ingredients in their treats to understand the fat content.

Dog parents of elderly, inactive, and dogs with health ailments should be keen on the specific health treats for their dogs.  Although many pet food trends have emerged, such as grain-free and vegan, low fat dog treats and food have stood the test of time as being vital for the canine best friend. 

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) warns the many health risks associated to obesity in dogs.  Osteoarthritis, airway dysfunction, cancer, mental wellness, and many more ailments are affiliated with obesity in dogs. Healthy snacks for dogs means that the treats will control their weight and maintain their respiratory, cardiovascular, and other systemic health. Just as any other member of the family gets healthy and wholesome food, we too need a second look at specific healthy treats for dogs.

2. What can be done if my dog is obese?

To combat the reduced life expectancy from weight gain, balancing the caloric intake and output is the first step.  Getting your pup out for more exercise to counteract the nibbles they are intaking can keep the pounds down.  If your dog is older or has health conditions, shorter but more frequent walks helps integrate exercise. Small to medium sized dogs need a minimum of 30 minutes to one hour of exercise a day.  Larger dogs require anywhere from one to two hours of exercise a day.

Looking at the food intake is the next plan of action. Animal experts on pets.webmd advise that small inactive dogs need as little as 185 to 370 calories a day.  Whereas dogs weighing 67 to 88 pounds needs as little as 1,100 to 1,700 calories a day. These numbers would make any dog parent rethink giving the cute puppy dog eyes more treats. Low fat dog treats and food or healthy snacks for dogs is will help fight the pounds during weigh in.

Genetics is a huge factor in certain breeds gaining weight faster than others. The breeds that experience more weight gain include cocker spaniels, hounds, beagles, terriers, dachshunds, Labrador retrievers, collies, and sheepdogs to name a few. When concerned about your dog’s weight, consult your veterinarian to learn more about a regime that will work for your pup.

Animal experts on pets.webmd advise that small inactive dogs need as little as 185 to 370 calories a day.  Whereas dogs weighing 67 to 88 pounds needs as little as 1,100 to 1,700 calories a day.

3. Nibbs Club’s Low Fat Dog Treats

When looking for healthy snacks for your dog, there are a few things to take note.  The ingredients and the consistency of the treats are a key indicator of nutritional value.  Your healthy snack should include sources high in protein, fiber, and vitamins. Preservatives lengthen the shelf-life of the treats, but it is frightening to feed your family a chemical you cannot spell or pronounce.

At Nibbs Club, we want to make high quality low fat dog treats accessible to any pet owner. Our meatballs are made with simple ingredients you can pronounce without preservatives.  Our meatballs are made with turkey, eggs, apples, and parsley.  The turkey and small amount of eggs provides a good source of protein.  The apples sweetens the deal with fiber and Vitamins A and C.  The parsley gives their breath a refresher. If you don’t eat pellet food and treats, why should your pup? Should your pup be eating chemicals that are hard to pronounce? Our treats are made in the US and shipped directly from our kitchen to your doorstep.

High calorie dog treats are favored for dogs that go hiking and long jogs with their parents. These treats are packed with carbohydrates, protein, and fats to give your dog strength and stamina.  But if your pup’s daily activities include lounging around the house and a few laps around the block, chances are laying off the high fat dog food and treats are your best bet.

Feeding your dog healthy snacks makes sure you can get the best from them! The good food you put in, gives you many healthy and happy years with your pup in return!

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