4 Last Minute DIY Costumes for Dogs

4 Last Minute DIY Costumes for Dogs

Enjoying the holidays with the family and creating memories is what it is all about. There is no need to buy an elaborate costume for your four-legged best friend when it is more fun to make the costume. Here are our 4 last minute DIY Halloween costumes for dogs.

1. Dog Unicorn Costume


Glittery construction paper or material for the horn

Furry or fuzzy material for the unicorn mane

Hot Glue or All-Purpose Adhesive


Yarn or Elastic


First cut and assemble the horn. Cut the material used for the horn into a circle.  You can use a protractor to make it a precise and beautiful circle shape. Cut a slit from the edge of the circle to the middle.  This slit will allow you to curl the material until it forms a horn. Glue the edges of the material to lock the shape of the horn. Cut a circle with a circumference larger than the base of the horn and glue it to the bottom of the horn to help secure the horn to the mane.


Glue the horn to the end of a fuzzy or furry fabric. Fuzzy Craft Stems have wiring in the fabric that helps the mane hold its shape. Hold the horn while the glue dries to the fabric. Glue a piece of elastic or yarn to the ends of the mane. The elastic or yarn should be long enough to go around the head and waist of the dog. Hot glue might make for a stronger adhesive and withstand your dogs’ vigorous runs and jumps.


This costume is the cutest but most difficult outfit for your dog to let you wear. You can try to entice your dog with a delicious and healthy dog treat.

2. Dog Sushi Costume


2 Pieces of Orange felt

Green Felt

White Fabric Paint

Clastic Fiber Fill for Pillows or Stuffed Animals

Hot Glue


Yarn or Elastic


Paint the orange felt with wide “V” using white fabric paint. This will resemble the veins on the raw salmon. The lines do not need to be perfect, but should be asymmetrical as they are in real life.


Glue the edges of two pieces of orange felt together. Stuff the area between the two pieces of orange felt with the fiber fill. This puffed appearance gives your sushi dog costume personality. Glue all of the edges of the orange felt together to seal the salmon flesh.

Glue a green piece of felt around the center of the orange salmon flesh.  The green felt will resemble the seaweed in sushi. Glue the yarn or elastic on the orange felt and secure the costume on your dog’s waist. Gluing yarn on the costume and then tying the yarn around your dog’s waist is the easiest and most efficient way to getting the costume on your squirmy pet.

3. Dog Skeleton Costume

This costume is probably the easiest and most straight forward last minute DIY costume for pets. This costume can be fashioned for dogs, cats, or any household pet. Use white fabric paint to illustrate a skeleton on a black sweater or T-Shirt. The type of upholstery and the fit depends on the animal and size of your pet. A sleeveless black T-shirt is easy to wear on squirmy dogs. After painting the skeleton on the fabric, let it sit to dry for an hour. Once the paint sets, you can fashion it over your pet. Tie the T-Shirt on the underbelly of the dog or cat to get a tighter fit and prevent the costume from dragging on the floor.

4. Dog Doctor Costume - Dogtor

This DOGtor can make house calls and order CAT scans right in your living room. Simply start by writing Human Organ Transplant on the construction paper and attaching it on the cooler. Depending on the material of the cooler, you would use tape or safety pins. Adorn your dog with the scrub or T-Shirt. The face mask can be worn on the nose if your dog permits.  However, we have found it easier and cuter to wear the face mask as a cap. If your dog can carry the cooler around, he or she is ready to take in their first patient.

Happy Lick-or-Treat

The best part about the process is the challenge of getting your costume on your dog!


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