5 Benefits of Fish For Dogs and Cats

5 Benefits of Fish For Dogs and Cats

Nibbsclub brings you the wholesome goodness of fish in healthy snacks for your dogs and cats. The benefits of fish treats can be found in their nutrition value and more. It is important for us to not only provide nutritious healthy dog and cat treats but also food that is scrumptious and yummy so that they just come right back at you smelling that tasty food. Fish has innumerable health benefits not only for humans but also for cats and dogs. Fish enhances the overall well-being of canines and felines. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in abundance in Salmon and Tuna fish and their benefits are humongous. Keeping in mind the imperativeness of the immune system in pets, we make fish dog treat and fish cat treat which is enriched with protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D. Nibbsclub ensures that your pets are fed with food which has a high source of nutritional value in it. We offer a variety of healthy dog and cat treats with different ingredients to suit their taste buds. However, it is our aim not to compromise healthy nutrition for taste and enjoyment. Give your dogs and cats some amazing fish dog treat and fish cat treat and experience their growth and improvement in health.

The importance of Salmon and Tuna Fish for your pets:

Salmon: Salmon is excellent for your pets. Salmon is found to be enriched with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D. The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon strengthen the pet’s immune system and enhance their brain health. They also help in controlling arthritis pain and fighting off high cholesterol.

Tuna Fish: Tuna Fish is another great source of omega-3 fatty acids. This highly protein-rich food helps in lowering cholesterol. It is also associated with maintaining blood pressure, promoting weight loss, and boosting eyesight in pets. Fresh Tuna is also known for its great reputation with spurts of growth in pups, and kittens. With the presence of high healthy enzymes in Tuna fish, nutritionists opine that fresh tuna is an excellent way to promote growth in pups and kittens while giving them an energy boost to feel good and active all day.

Therefore, we bring you some amazing healthy snacks consisting of Salmon and Tuna fish for your cats and dogs.

Now let us throw some light on the benefits of fish for Cats and Dogs to help you understand the importance of fish in your pet’s diet:

1)Minimizes the progression of Kidney diseases:

Salmon and Tuna lower the increased blood pressure, reduces extra protein loss in urine, and decrease the production of pro-inflammatory substances in an ailing kidney so that it stops aggravating kidneys further. Various theories are available and research demonstrates that cats with kidney disease that were fed food with Omega-3 fatty acids lived longer than those who were not fed with Omega-3 fatty acids.

2)Enhances neurologic development and cognitive function:

It has been observed that puppies that were provided food with fish oil were able to learn and retain certain skills as compared to the puppies that were not given food with fish oil. It is also said that pets suffering from cognitive dysfunction were able to improve their recognition power and acknowledged their family members when given fish oil. Moreover, fish oil also reduced pattern-pacing behavior in these pets.

3)Smoothes skin in allergic pets:

Soothe your pet’s skin by giving them healthy snacks consisting of salmon and tuna fish that help reduce their itching and allergy. Fish oil decreases the release of potent stimulators of inflammation known as cytokines in dogs and cats which improves the quality of their skin. 

4)Supports arthritic joints:  

Fish oil plays a major role in abating the production of potent prostaglandins in dogs and cats that trigger inflammation in the joints. However, if fish oil is given to the arthritic dogs and cats, it is seen that arthritic dogs and cats are more comfortable, brisk, and agile than those who are not supplemented with fish oil.

5)Safeguard heart:  

Fish oil is proven to reduce the heart’s vulnerability in cats and dogs. It also helps in reducing the development of an irregular heart rhythm in them which is also known as atrial fibrillation. Moreover, fish oil acts as an anti-coagulant in pets and prevent blood clots from forming in cats that are suffering from heart disease.

Therefore, these amazing benefits make fish a great food choice for cats and dogs. Its high nutritional value helps fight dogs and cats with various diseases. Fish oil keeps our pets healthy and active. Due to this, we introduce you to our tasty and healthy dog and cat treats which are enriched with a high source of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids. They are beneficial and tasty at the same time. You will see them more active, happy, and brisk than before when integrating fish dog treats and fish cat treats. Not only your pets will be more alert but you will also see the change in their overall growth.

Provide your pets with healthy food diets and keep them happy and chirpy. Do not waste your time preparing and planning their food chart.  Get your hands on our ready-made, delicious and healthy food for your dogs and cats. Provide them the needed nourishment with our amazing recipes. Pick up your favorite snack from our collection of scrumptious treats and keep your pets active and happy forever.

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