Maybe you have never owned a pet or just want to keep learning so you can be a better cat mommy or daddy.  It is a big responsibility but one you can wear with honor.  These 5 tips for cat care can help you to a new start.


  1.  Cat Treats Make 10% of Diet:  Although you might want to spoil their cute fluffy face, it's in the meowster's interest that you minimize treat consumption.  Treats should make up only 10% of their diet.  Cat treats should be given about 2 to 3 times a week.
  2. Bad Food for Cats:  We might like grapes, raisins, onions, alcohol, salt, and tea but they are not safe for your cat.  Not all human food can be digested by pets.  Talk to your vet if you are unsure about an ingredient.
  3. Catnip and Cat grass:  Catnip and cat grass can be given as alternatives to treats.  Catnip and cat grass are low calorie delights they can nibble on.  They are easy to grow and maintain up against a window.
  4. Don't Use Treats to Compensate:  Our lifestyles are bustling and sometimes we feel guilty for that.  You don't need to give them more treats to keep them happy.  All that they need is loving affection, a nutritious diet, and a home.  Simple petting and spending time with you will satisfy their appetite.
  5. Don't Encourage Begging:  They might be at your side at the dinner table or while you're preparing a meal in the kitchen, but rewarding your begging cat would enable a habit.  Giving them a treat when they want it the most is going to set you and the meowster up for behavior issues.  Instead, reward them for when you have achieved something.  Treating the meowster after nail clippings makes them feel accomplished.