5 Ways To Keep Your Pet Cool During the Summer

Summer, kids and adults alike all bask in the sunshine and frolic the beaches during this liberating season.  But our pets at home experience summer differently.  Although their life of naps and meal breaks seem luxurious, they fail to tell you how excruciating the heat is.

We have consulted experts and put together a few simple things to help you keep your pet cool during the summer!

Do not keep pets in cars or direct sun

Although they might be your best bud, you won’t need to take them everywhere with you when you are out and about.  The heat in cars can rise fast and be fatal for pets in less than 15 minutes.  Even with the windows slightly open, the car is still a metal hot box.

In fact, Animal Law experts indicates that 31 states prohibit leaving animals in a confined vehicle or provide protection for those that rescue distress animals.  Each city could additionally have their own restrictions and enforcement as well.

Protect the paws

The bottom of dogs’ paws and the spaces between their toes are designed by mother nature to help cool your pet.  Protect this area by hosing down the pavement your pet will frolic on.  You could additionally adorn your pet with paw booties that up the swag points while providing protection.  However, many will try to break free from their shoes!

Dogs that are housed outside can rest on a cooling pad.  Placing the pad in a shaded area outside would help the pets weather the heat.

"You could additionally adorn your pet with paw booties that up the swag points while providing protection."

Recognize heatstroke

Our fury friends can’t tell us how unforgiving the heat is.  Recognizing panting, vomiting, staring, and unusual expressions as signs of heatstroke are important.  Dogs that are most vulnerable to heatstroke have short snouts, such as bulldogs, Boston terriers, pugs, and boxers.  Cats that are more susceptible have longer fur, such as Persians and Himalayans.  Contact your veterinarian if your pets exhibit symptoms.

"31 states prohibit leaving animals in a confined vehicle or offer protection for those who rescue distress animals."

Don't strain physically

During the rest of the year one can train for a triathlon, but your pet would not enjoy it so much under the sweltering heat.  Exercises can be reserved for the mornings or later evenings when you both aren’t battling the summer sun.  If your pet needs a potty break in the middle of the day, keep the walks short and at an easy pace.  Bring water to keep yourself and your pets hydrated!

Keep pets groomed

Grooming is not just hygienic.  Summer grooms can help pets with longer hairs ventilate.  The long-haired pets have the coat as insulation for colder climates.  Help them snip away their winter coats to stay cooler.