Allergies in Dogs and Cats

Allergies in Dogs and Cats

As diagnostic methods are becoming more advanced, our knowledge of allergies in dogs and cats are becoming more specific. Research has shown that the most common allergens are food, environment, and pathogens like fleas and ticks. Many allergies surface in the form of itchy skin, red eyes, skin infections, ear infections, loose stools, and sneezing. Areas where dogs and cats are most affected by allergies include feet, haircoat, skin, ears, and face. 


Baths are a great way to wash off surface allergens from the coat and skin of dogs and cats. Special shampoo and conditioner with oatmeal can be lathered on the furry babies to soothe their skin. Ointments with natural products can be placed on their skin after a bath or brushing to further alleviate skin irritations. 

Food allergies can be investigated through the food elimination process. By starting with a simple, limited ingredient bland diet and then introducing ingredients, parents can utilize the process alongside veterinarian tests to confirm dietary allergens.  


We include novel proteins in our list of treats and food because it replaces the most likely allergen in a dog’s diet with a protein that their body hasn’t been exposed to previously. This reduces the chance that there will be a negative immune response to the protein. Fillers and cheap proteins account for over 90% of dietary allergies. 

Rabbit is the protein of choice in our HARE-Y NIBBLES. This lean protein is easy for the love bugs that also have to watch their waistline according to the veterinarians. Our Hare-Y Nibbles is a single ingredient and can be used as a topper or taken on the go. You can rehydrate the hypoallergenic rabbit protein and use it as food as well. 


Venison or better known as deer or elk is a novel protein that is quite difficult to find. This hypoallergenic protein is high in taurine, which is an amino acid that benefits heart health in both dogs and cats. Our venison food or meal topper is not just tasty, but packed with healthy amino acids for dogs. A hypoallergenic protein that is packed with natural amino acids would have their tails wagging for many years. 

Our wild sockeye salmon Fish Balls provides a natural omega-3 in a ball form. You can toss these on top of their food or use them as a pill pocket to provide a natural omega-3 boost. This wild Alaskan sourced protein is rich in a natural antihistamine. With this powerful Fish Ball, you get an immune system boost that also benefits coat and skin health. 

Consult a veterinarian to find out how you can gain control of your dog or cat’s health. Tackling allergies and specifically food allergies is a battle many parents face. As we (humans) feel our best when we eat and sleep our best, our furry babies will experience the same. The benefits of attacking the allergen include increase in energy, mood, metabolism , hydration, skin and coat health, and overall long term wellness. 

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