How To Find a Pet Friendly Apartment

Finding apartments that are pet friendly are a tall order for pet owners.  Not only are you looking to meet your needs, but there’s a checklist of questions for your furry friends.  Here are some important factors to consider when apartment hunting with a pet.

How To Find Pet Friendly Apartments by Nibbs Club Dog and Cat Healthy Treats

Pet Deposit, Limit, & Monthly Pet Rent

Most apartments are requesting a $300-$500 one time deposit per pet.  This is usually returned at the end of a lease if there is minimal damage on the property.  Additionally, most landlords set the pet limit at 2.  If you are lucky, you won’t have to pay an additional monthly pet rent.  Most popular locations request a monthly pet rent of $20-$50.  Although the rates seem high, everything is negotiable and owners will work with you if you explain your financial limitations.

Pet Friendly Flooring

Your cat or dog could get sick and vomit or have a pee accident.  These furry babies are not PAWFECT and can sometimes have accidents.  Hunt for non-carpet homes when researching.  Potty training pets on carpet flooring is a stain disaster.  Tiles, hardwood, and laminate floors make for an easy cleanup with spills and ill pets!

Large Pet Restrictions

Most apartments don’t accept dogs over 35 pounds unless they are service dogs.  Cat owners don’t face the same weight restrictions as dog owners.

Outdoor Yard Space

Larger dogs face weight restrictions as well as needing some extra leg room.  Most apartments don’t have a big yard for them to stretch their paws.  But even a patio area would allow the pups to roam and sniff fresh air.  Ultimately, a large yard to play fetch and lay around would be any pet’s dream.

Indoor Pet Friendly Space

When at work or out, how does one ensure that your cat or dog is in a safe environment?  The space that pets are in need to be sectioned off if they are free roaming.  This ensures that they keep their curious paws out of the cookie jar or other areas of the house they shouldn’t be in.  You wouldn’t want them getting in the cabinet with toxic household cleaning products.

Nearby Dog Parks

Cat owners can entertain their fur balls with a cat tree.  The inclines and ledges are a cat's personal amusement park.  Dog owners, have to consider the nearest park to their new apartment.  Most dog breeds require a minimum of one hour of physical activity per day.  A dog park would allow them to run free as a bird and release their energy.


Basic and intuitive qualifications can foster a healthy and happy home.  The physical interior makes the home comfortable.  The surrounding neighborhoods will nurture a sense of community.  Whether your neighborhood is pet friendly allows one to feel safe on nightly walks.  Socializing among neighborhood pets furthers community connection.

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