Positive Mental Health Effects of Pets

Positive Mental Health Effects of Pets

The strongest relation between humans and animals has been experienced for over centuries now. The positive correlation between pets and mental health is undeniable. No matter how old you are, you will always find joy living with your pets. Thus, it signifies that both pets and mental health go hand in hand. They provide companionship and ease loneliness. Furthermore, service animals bring about joy and unconditional love to all. Here are a few ways caring for an animal can help relieve anxiety and depression and lowers stress levels.

Overall Results

Multiple types of research on the relation between pets and mental health have been published. These research have measured what happens to the human body when a person has a pet. Here is what these researchers have found out: 

  • People having pets are most likely to suffer less from depression than those who don't have a pet. 
  • Playing with your pet can increase the levels of calming and relaxing hormones, serotonin, and dopamine.  
  • Pet owners has lower levels of cholesterol than those without any pet. It is a sign that humans with pets have better heart health. 
  • Patients who have survived heart attack live longer if they have healthy and happy pets around. 
  • 30% lower rate of doctor visits is noticed in people over 65 if pets surround them. 
  • Pets are highly recommended for emotional support. According to studies, emotional support animals help combat mental stress.
  • People with borderline hypertension can significantly reduce blood pressure within five months after adopting pets. 

All these signs reflect a reduced stress rate. These discoveries have proven physical evidence of the mental health benefits of pets. 

How Pets Provide A Positive Impact on People

Apart from providing companionship, having a pet can play a crucial role in aged people's healthy lifestyle. Here are few health benefits of pets on adults. 


Boosts Vitality 

You can easily overcome most of the physical challenges associated with aging by taking care of both you and your pet. Pets encourage laughter and playfulness. They boost your immune system, and eventually increase your energy level. 


Meet and Stay Connected with People 

Having a great social network is quite difficult with aging. As you grow old, you tend to grow away from your close friends and family members. Not just that, making new friends is also harder with aging. However, pets are an excellent way for older people to meet people and spark up conversations. Dogs and cats are some of the best emotional support animals one can have to survive the aging process happily. 

Health Benefits of Pets for Children

Children who grow up with pets have a low risk of asthma and allergies. They will also grow up while learning compassion, cheerfulness, empathy, and compassion. Here are a few more health benefits of having pets growing up with kids – 

  • They can build healthy and happy relationships with other people.  
  • Having a pet helps your child feel important, thus allowing them to develop a positive self-image. 
  • Pets help to calm an aggressive and hyperactive kid. However, for this, you need to train both your pet and child to behave appropriately with each other.  
  • Having a bird as a pet helps the child to learn empathy and understanding. While talking to the bird, kids can also build their confidence. 
  • Playing with a pet helps your child develop a sense of alertness and attentiveness throughout the day. 
  • Caring for a pet helps children learn a sense of responsibility. 
  • Having a pet around your kid helps them cope with anxiety when you are not around them. 
  • Playing with pets helps stimulate their imaginations and curiosity. 


Both children and adults benefit from having pets as companion. Pets are always a source of calmness and relaxation. They work well to stimulate the working of both your brain and body. In simple words, caring for your pet offers the best benefit to you and your child, i.e., immense joy and a healthy lifestyle.  

Benefits of Pets Other Than Dogs and Cats


The benefits that you experience through pets are not only limited to cats or dogs. There are several other pets that you can adopt to enjoy similar benefits in life. Here is a list of some uncommon pet options for you to choose from –



People, who are allergic to dogs or cats, can opt for another option like rabbits. It is not a high maintenance pet but has a lot of energy and personality. You are not required to have a lot of space for them. Rabbits only need some free and wider space to roam around each day. If you are living in an apartment, then rabbits could be a perfect option for you. They help you in reducing stress hormones and increase happy hormone levels in your brain. It also allows you to lower your blood pressure without taking much medicinal help. 



Birds have an exceptionally long life. Few species of parrots even outlive humans. Having a bird means enjoyment all day without having to deal with the grief of losing them. They help to encourage social interaction and also keeps you  sharp and strong. Research shows that talking to  birds can promote healthy brain functions. 



Keeping a fish tank and watching them is scientifically proven for reducing your stress level. It helps to calm your heart rate; thus, you might notice them in most medical settings. 

The correlation between mental health and pets are boundless. If you or anyone around you is going through a tough time in life, consider adopting a pet. You can rescue a pet and they will rescue you!

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