The pandemic was and still is globally uncertain times. However, for pets, they enjoyed quarantine with unlimited attention from their parents. For the many pets adopted during quarantine, they do not know life with their parents physically at work from 9am-5pm. During lockdown, a workday includes many outdoor strolls and bathroom breaks for dogs. Frequent back scratches, belly rubs, and healthy dog and cat treats were given between zoom and excel spreadsheets.

But as quarantine is lifting and life as we know it is regaining normalcy. This means that many pet parents will need to get out of pajamas and go into work for at least a few days a week. Here are some ideas to help you prepare and what you can do to curb your dog and cat’s separation anxiety.

How Do I Prepare My Pet for My Return To Work?

Start training your dog and cat to be more comfortable at home alone for a longer duration. Pet parents can start with shorter duration and progress to longer stays at home. Initially, they can stay at home while you run one errand and build into staying home while you are out for several hours. Gradually, your dog or cat can progress to longer stays at home alone. This allows your pet to steadily become more comfortable staying at home unaccompanied.

Create a safe and fun area for them to find refuge while you are not with them. For some pets, this sanctuary could include a crate, their bed, or toys. Leaving a shirt you have worn with your scent can help the dog or cat feel comforted. Allowing them to seek comfort in a safe environment lets them to easily cuddle up and sleep during your day at work.

We can all hope for a call from our boss that our positions will be remote, and we can spend our workdays in sweatpants next to our best furry friends.

What Can I Do To Relieve My Pet’s Separation Anxiety Before And After Work?

Engage in a high energy activity with your dog or cat in the morning before you leave home allows them to exhaust their drive.  Built up energy leads to destructive energy. Take your dog on a nice long walk to play fetch in the morning. Cats can play chase the “prey” with a toy to get out their morning vigor.

Before leaving for work, parents can stuff the fur baby’s toys or puzzles with their favorite frozen treats to keep them engaged. This gives the dog or cat a fun and entertaining activity. Nibbs Club provides a variety of fresh dog and cat treats for fur babies. The healthy dog and cat snacks can be frozen to provide a fun summertime snack. Treating your best friend with a healthy snack before you leave enables your dog or cat to disassociate your absence with something negative, but instead a positive fun hobby.

When returning home from work, reward them for their good behavior and resistance from chewing on the furniture. As the pack leader, you want them to know you are proud of them with physical affection. Some petting, healthy snacks, and bonding activity is a great way to reconnect with your pet after a long day. This will reinforce good behaviors.

We can all hope for a call from our boss that our positions will be remote, and we can spend our workdays in sweatpants next to our best furry friends. Unfortunately, we must get dressed and return to work. Let Nibbs Club help your pets adjust to a life of PAWrents bringing home the bacon with some tasty treats.



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