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Moo Moo Beef Jerky

Moo Moo Beef Jerky

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A single ingredient beef jerky for dogs made with USDA-Grade beef. A healthy and easy on-the-go snack, our Moo Moo Beef Jerky is freeze-dried and handcrafted by us, from our kitchen to yours. Our freeze-drying process maintains a higher percentage of the nutritional value of the beef than other methods of cooking, ensuring ample protein and essential minerals in each bite. We don’t add any preservatives, chemicals or fillers in the process so every bite is pure beef!

Our Moo Moo Beef Jerky is good for training, weight management and for pets with sensitive skin and sensitive stomachs. This is not an ultra processed treat, your pet will be able to properly digest and absorb the nutrients present in our high quality beef, giving them energy for all their big adventures.

Treat your fur baby to the yummy, healthy fun of our Moo Moo Beef Jerky. Imagine if you could cook Luna a steak everytime she wanted a snack--with our Moo Moo Beef Jerky you can easily give her the same scrumptious, clean beef, 100% hassle-free.

Move out of the way because Luna is coming to get that jerky! 

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