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Cluckin' Good

Cluckin' Good

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Picture this: you've had a long day at work, and all you can think of is curling up on the couch with your favorite feline. You get home, and you jingle the keys in anticipation of being met at the door by your furry friend. The bolt unlocks, you open the door, and you're met by the deafening silence of solitude. You lovingly call out, "Deathstar, where you at baby?" No response. You reach into the nearest cabinet, take out a bag of our tasty morsels, and you're bombarded by the yeowls and meows of Deathstar and his posse of at least twenty neighborhood cats. Does this seem all too far-fetched to believe? Well we're not kitten with these scrumptious treats!

We use a combination of chicken and wild Portuguese fish to make the purrrrrrrr-fect treat for Sir or Madame Fluffington the Third. Our cat treats are a healthy option for cat training and are a great nibble-sized snack for kittens or adult cats. The treats are human-grade quality and made without preservatives. These balanced and nutritious treats are the best way to show them you love them meowst. So what are you waiting for? Show Fluffitron some love and buy them some of our paw-some treats!


If Fluffington has a canine Flooster roommate, they can both nibble on these chicken balls

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