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Nibbs Club

Italian Meatball Dog Treats

Italian Meatball Dog Treats

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Our Nibbs Club Italian Meatballs are a turkey meatball dog treat loaded with vitamins, minerals and high-quality lean protein. Made of only 3 whole ingredients-turkey, parsley and apples-they support your canine's weight goals and cognitive health, often satisfying the pickiest of eaters! 
These simple and balanced treats deliver protein, fiber, and vitamins in one satisfied chomp. Made with low fat, high quality turkey combined with fruits and veggies, these treats are low in saturated fat, high in protein and full of vitamins. This dog treat is completely free of preservatives and fillers, whole ingredients only here at Nibbs Club!

These treats will last in the freezer for several months. Dogs will happily eat them frozen.
Our Italian Meatballs are a great dog treat for training, daily reinforcement and even augmenting meal times. Break apart the treat and squeeze into toys for some fun mental stimulation. Add a meatball or two to any meal, from dry kibble to a homemade meal, and it will ensure that your dog is enjoying a moisture-filled, nutrient-rich meal. 

For a little extra fun and adventure, break apart these turkey meatball treats and hide them in toys for dog. 


Human-grade Ingredients 
Whole Ingredients Only 
Three Ingredient Treat
Dog Treat
Good for Dog Training 
Works as a Food Topper 


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