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Nice To MEAT You Food or Topper

Nice To MEAT You Food or Topper

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When Floof comes home from a fun walk or an exciting day at daycare, he deserves to be greeted with love and deliciousness.  Hitting him with a good portion of our Nice To MEAT You means you are showering him or her with a clean blend of beef, organ meats, and veggies.  No corn, soy, fillers, and by products! No sir, your best friend deserves the best to fuel for joy for many adventures!


You can use this healthy beef based stew as a topper or stand alone food. As a topper, a subscription of 4 per month will enrich Floof's existing food with protein and clean amino acids.  As a stand alone food, you will see a great improvement in energy and digestion.  Your pup deserves happiness and health!

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