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Hare-Y Nibbles

Hare-Y Nibbles

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Hare-Y Nibbles Freeze Dried 100% Rabbit Treats for Dogs and Cats are a single-ingredient treat comprised of exclusively rabbit protein, completely free of chemicals, preservatives and fillers. This treat is a healthy, hypoallergenic snack for dogs and cats and can be easily broken up into pieces for training. Our freeze drying method maintains more nutritional value than other methods of cooking and this 100% rabbit treat can be moistened with water for a soft texture.

This treat is USA-made and sourced with zero feed-grade ingredients and is cooked in our Los Angeles kitchen in small batches. It is verified hypoallergenic and supports dogs and cats that suffer from allergies and dermatologic or gastrointestinal diseases. This premium rabbit protein treat is also lean, high in taurine, low in sodium and a good source of niacin and vitamin B12. Take it on the go, the perfect treats for hikes, long car rides and other adventures! 

Easy to break up for smaller dogs and cats. Add on top of food at meal times to add a great source of whole-ingredient, high-quality protein to every meal! 

One Ingredient Treat
Shelf Stable
Whole Ingredients Only 
Cat Treat
Dog Treat
Good for Cat Training 
Good for Dog Training 
Works as a Food Topper 
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