5 Essential Items To Make Your First Aid Kit For Pets At Home

As an owner of a dog, cat or any pet, it is vital to have a few vital items in case of a pet emergency. Consider these supplies when making your checklist at home.

1.       Contact Number of Emergency Animal Clinic: Be familiar with emergency animal clinics in your area. You can never be too prepared. Your pet could have an emergency when you least expect it.

2.       Nonstick Clean Cloth or Bandages: This simple, but practical supply will help you control bleeding. Additionally, the cloth or bandage will protect the wound. Human adhesive bandages cannot be used on pets.

3.       Eye Dropper: An eye dropper can be used to give oral medication or to flush wounds. This tool can be helpful in situations that are not emergent.

4.       Gauze: Gauze can come in handy in your pet first aid to muzzle the injured pet. Also, it can be used to wrap wounds.

5.       Digital Thermometer: A Fever Thermometer can accurately monitor your pets’ temperature. The temperature needs to be recorded rectally and not orally.